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Technology Standards


Marylandís Adult Education Technology Standards

The Maryland Adult Education Learner Technology Standards are designed to guide teachers in designing instruction that is supported by technology. The Adult Education Teacher Technology Standards specify what a teacher should know and be able to do to implement the full range of adult learner technology standards in instruction. The teacher standards are meant to provide a guide and ensure consistency across programs and classrooms. While the standards guide instruction, the integration of technology will be individualized to achieve learner and local program goals.


Adult Ed Technology Standards for Arizona

Arizona has developed a list of technology standards for teachers that includes a rubric and sample activities to illustrate many of the items.  


Online Resource Centers


Wisconsin Online Resource Center 

Click on the ABE/ESL navigational bar for access to short online lessons in subjects such as English, reading, science, social studies, math, family literacy, ESL, and financial literacy.  (funded by the Wisconsin State Adult Education Office)



Technology Planning Tools

Developed by the Outreach and Technical Assistance Network (OTAN). This is a public version of California's online technology plan form for adult education programs. Any individual or agency may create an account and develop, save and print a technology plan from this site. The plan includes the formation of a planning team, determining the scope of the plan, a vision statement, an assessment of the current state of technology integration in the program, establishing goals and objectives, addressing funding issues, creating a staff development plan and a strategy for evaluating and revising the plan over time. The userID and password "guest" may be used to log in and look at the site.


State Technology Planning Analysis Rubric


State Technology Plans


Arizona's State Technology Plan

The Technology Plan for Arizona Adult Education provides a roadmap for addressing the issues related to the integration of technology into the educational setting. To achieve full technology integration, Adult Education programs will be required to go through systemic changes with implications for budget and resource allocation, professional

development and training, certification and hiring criteria, curriculum content and assessment, accountability and data issues, and the structure and scheduling of classes.


California's State Technology Plan


Hawaii's State Technology Plan


Computer Literacy Assessment

This is a teacher self-assessment tool to evaluate computer and Internet skills. You can view the content of the assessment by creating a free account. This is an assessment tool widely used by K12 in California, and is worth looking at if you are thinking about developing your own technology skills assessment for teachers.


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