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Necessity is the mother of invention, and, as a result, state adult education professionals have developed a variety of effective tools, policies, and strategies to meet the challenging demands of administering statewide adult education programs.  Since its inception, NAEPDC has served as a clearinghouse for the dissemination of those resources to state directors.  With the capability that the internet now provides in expanding and speeding up that dissemination, NAEPDC is in the process of collecting, reviewing, cataloguing, and publishing a variety of web-based resources. 

Under the guidance of the Professional Development Committee and in conjunction with NIFLís LINCS, the NAEPDC web resources are designed to assist state-level adult education staff in carrying out their administrative and programmatic functions.  The resource categories are aligned with the State Adult Education Management and Leadership Functions:  A Self Assessment to assist the user in prioritizing areas of need.  The initial collection of resources will be posted in late January and may be accessed by clicking on the categories listed below.

The Professional Development Committee is anxious to expand the collection of resources.  If you have developed or used resources in your state that would be helpful to other states, please forward them to NAEPDC for consideration.

Caution:  It is important to carefully review material developed by other states to determine if changes are necessary to meet your stateís specific needs and compliance requirements.


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