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Stakeholder Involvement Strategies


Focus Groups


How to Conduct Focus Groups

Focus groups provide a way to understand better the hopes and concerns of community members, employers, educators, and students in the change process.  Taking three months or so to conduct a series of focus groups with different audiences may seem time-consuming – or even a setback for educators who already know what they want to do – but what is often learned in this process by both educators and community members significantly increases everyone’s understanding of the need for goals of change.

Source:  Institute for Responsive Education


How to Conduct Focus Groups

Focus groups provide more qualitative information than written surveys. In the focus group setting you can demonstrate a product, service, or activity. As well, you can gauge the emotional intensity of the participant’s reactions.

Source:  Fundraising and Marketing in the One-Person Shop By Michael J. Henley, CFRE and Diane L. Hodiak, MBA, Hodiak Development



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