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Sample Needs Assessments

Sample Local Program Needs Assessments


Sample Community Profile Summary

This sample summarizes demographic trends for a particular community and was compiled using U. S. Census data and other data sources.

Source: Adult and Community Learning Services Unit of the Massachusetts Department of Education


Super Duper Delineation of Adult Education Program Planning

This checklist can be used by local programs to assess the status of their current program operations.  Categories include student recruitment, student orientation and intake, assessment, planning and instruction, retention, student outcomes and evaluation, professional development, program evaluation, financial management, and program management.

Source:  Developed by Dr. Lennox McLendon and Kathi Polis


Program Manager and Teacher Competencies can be used to assess individual professional development needs but can also be useful in examining overall program needs.    Listed below are competencies developed by ProNet through funding from the U.S. Department of Education as well as examples of state-specific competencies and checklists.


Pro-Net Program Manager Competencies

pdf version     Word version


Pro-Net Teacher Competencies

pdf version     Word version


Ohio Teacher Competencies

pdf version    Word version


Pennsylvania Teacher Competencies

Competencies              User's Guide





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