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Information Sources and Strategies for Determining Needs


Program Data


You have access to a wealth of programmatic data, such as performance, monitoring, enrollment, attendance, and professional development reports, which can assist you in your statewide planning efforts.  By analyzing the data you can identify specific needs related to program improvement, underserved populations, and other related issues. 


Training on Using Data

In March and April 2003, the American Institutes for Research (AIR) conducted train-the-trainer workshops on Using NRS Data for Program Management and Improvement. The training was based on an accompanying guidebook, Using NRS Data for Program Management and Improvement. This guide and the training materials, along with notes and participant evaluations of the trainings, are available for downloading at this website.


What Are We Learning as the Data Gets Better

This is a powerpoint presentation that provides an example of how Pennsylvania uses program data to determine trends within its Adult Basic and Literacy Education (ABLE) Program.



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