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Examples of State Planning Efforts


Sample State Initiatives


Kentucky’s Adult Education Action Agenda

A general fund appropriation of $7 million in fiscal year 2000-01 and $12 million in fiscal year 2001-02 was made by the Kentucky State Legislature to the State Adult Education and Literacy Trust Fund to finance the various mandates, initiatives, and activities set forth in Senate Bill 1. The Council approved a Preliminary Action Plan at the July 17, 2000, meeting with the directive that the staff develop an Adult Education Action Plan allocating the Trust Fund according to two criteria: a) all investments should be scalable, that is, capable of expanding to increase the number of participants in adult education programs; and b) all investments should help to build community adult education capacity. This Adult Education Action Plan was developed accordingly.  In creating this action plan, the Council staff consulted and collaborated with approximately 20 agencies, organizations, and institutions. This plan is shaped on the premise that all initiatives should be assessable, accountable, and avoid duplication of services to leverage and maximize resources.


The Maine Family Literacy Initiative

In 1996, the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy and the Maine Department of Education began a collaborative project called The Maine Family Literacy Initiative (MEFLI). From 1996–2002, 68 MEFLI grants ranging from $8,000–$25,000 were awarded to 45 communities in 15 of Maine’s 16 counties for the development or expansion of family literacy programs. Through these family literacy programs, hundreds of parents, schools and communities have become partners in the literacy development of their children. In the spring of 2001, with generous support from the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy, Maine began interviewing family literacy programs across the state to identify best practices and develop more specific guidance for potential applicants. This handbook summarizes the valuable insights of these programs as well as the thoughts of members of the Maine Family Literacy Task Force.

Maine’s Strategic Plan 


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