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Planning Guides


State Plan


Guide for the Development of a State Plan under Title II

The Division of Adult Education and Literacy developed this Guide to help State agency staff prepare State plans for adult education to meet the requirements of the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) of 1998.

Source:  US Department of Education



State Initiatives


Going to Scale

This step-by-step guide, developed by NAEPDC, is designed to assist state directors of adult education and their staff in designing and implementing statewide initiatives.  From the initial needs identification process through visioning, strategy selection, pilot testing, and full scale implementation, the guide provides practical ideas for engaging in a program improvement process.



Local Planning


Developing a Community Planning Partnership

Developing a strong Community Planning Partnership is key to the success of your efforts to learn about community needs and assets, and ultimately to your efforts to reach community members that need ABE/ESOL/Literacy programming. While this task may seem daunting, if you just take these and other tasks described in this guide one step at a time, you'll find you are up to the challenge and will ultimately gain many rewards from the process.

Source:  Adult and Community Learning Services Unit of the Massachusetts Department of Education


Local Comprehensive Planning Process Guidance

An adult education comprehensive plan, developed by public and private provider and support stakeholders, provides direction for the development and delivery of adult education and literacy services for a geographic area for a multi-year period.  This manual provides guidance on developing a comprehensive plan and looks at such issues as analyzing adult learning needs of the community, setting goals and objectives to address the needs, developing an operating schedule and service delivery system to accomplish the goals and objectives, and setting performance indicators, measures, and standards to evaluate performance.

Source:  Virginia Adult Education Unit, Virginia Department of Education



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