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Program Planning óDeveloping the Plan


The actual plan, whether it be your State Plan or a special statewide initiative, provides the framework for your program operations.  What roles do your partners play in developing and implementing the plan?  Who else should be involved in developing the planís content?  Are there guidelines on what the plan should include, e.g., the State Plan?  Who needs to approve the plan before you can move forward?  Is public comment required?  What timelines are involved?  What resources will be required for plan development?


Resources in this collection include guides for developing your State Plan and other state initiatives, as well as examples of current State Plans and state initiatives that entailed comprehensive program planning.  Click on the highlighted items to access resources.


1.       Planning Guides

a.      State Plan

b.      State Initiatives

c.      Local Planning


2.  Examples of State Planning Efforts

     a.  Sample State Plans

            b.  Sample State Initiatives


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