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Marketing Resources
Date Last Updated:  05/15/2008

Showing Return on Investment (ROI) New

Sample Recruitment Brochures

Developed and submitted by West Virginia Adult Education's Marketing Coordinator.  These brochures are targeted to specific adult education target populations and/or student goals.  All brochures are in PDF.

College Entrance Exam

Computer Literacy

Finding a Job

GED Opens the Door

Health Occupations

Keep Your Life on Track

Options (for TANF program)

Sharpen Your Basic Skills

Special Learning Needs

Student Speakers

Trapped in Debt

Recruitment Poster


General Adult Education Brochure for use with partnering agencies



(These files are in MSWORD so that you can customize them to your state.)

Correctional Education Delivery
ESOL Family
Fast Facts Health
Literacy and LD Welfare


Family Literacy Graphic Sample OP-ED
Local Impact Template Sample Success Story
Need for Literacy Services Template Smart Investment Graphic
Sample Advisory and Release Speech


Adult Literacy Forum (pdf format), prepared by NAEPDC, is a PowerPoint presentation on adult education issues and research.


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