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Distance Learning


National Initiatives and Resources / Sample State Initiatives


National Initiatives and Resources


Project IDEAL

Project IDEAL is a consortium of states working to develop effective distance education programs for adult learners. The Project IDEAL Support Center at the University of Michigan helps consortium states by developing training materials and web-based tools. The Center provides technical support in the areas of teacher training, research design, data collection, data analysis, and reporting. Through collaborative research and practice, we are working to provide quality distance education for adult learners across the country.


OCTAE's Technology and Distance Learning

This U.S. Department of Education webpage provides research, best practices, and links to resources on distance learning.



Sample State Initiatives


California Distance Learning Project

The California Distance Learning Project (CDLP) goal is to help expand learner access to adult basic education services in California. This goal has four major tasks:

  • Build and Promote a Distance Learning Knowledge Base

  • Provide Technical Assistance in Implementing Distance Learning

  • Test New Instructional Delivery Methods / Materials

  • Help Create a Statewide Distance Learning Infrastructure

Kentucky Virtual Adult Education

The Kentucky Virtual Education Web site (KYVAE), launched Oct. 1, 2001, is the result of a partnership between the Kentucky Virtual University (KYVU) and the Kentucky Department for Adult Education & Literacy (DAEL).  The mission of the KYVAE site is to provide adult learner and instructor access to literacy information, curriculum, resources and services in an easy-to use and motivational format. The site is dedicated to helping adult learners achieve their personal learning goals, which include skills improvement, grade level goals and/or completion of the GED.


         Missouri HSE Online

GED Online is Missouri's internet-based classroom for students looking for the flexibility of at-home study. Sponsored by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE), GED Online provides the opportunity for students who can't regularly attend GED classes to do the majority of their studying online.





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