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Data Foundation and Structure

NRS Guidelines / Assessment Policies / Student Follow-Up

National Reporting System Guidelines


Revised NRS Guidelines - developed by American Institutes for Research


Arkansas National Reporting System Guidelines – used in training local programs.

Source:  Adult Education Section, Arkansas Department of Workforce Education


Ohio Performance Accountability Manual -

The role of O-PAS—the Ohio Performance Accountability System—within the ABLE system is to guide instructional programs as they implement required components of WIA, Title II. The O-PAS manual focuses primarily on processes and procedures

related to accountability and compliance issues.  The publication is revised annually.


Assessment Policies


Assessment Policy Guidance

To improve uniformity and quality of assessment policies, these State Assessment Policy Guidelines describe to states the essential components of an effective policy.  The Guidelines include the content that DAEL requires and will use to evaluate the quality of state policy and is organized in three parts.

  1. Introduction and Context, includes an overview, summary, and the need for and purposes of the policy in the state context.

  1. General Requirements, defines the students to be assessed, assessments permitted and training requirements; and

  1. Guidelines on Each Assessment, explains the procedures for administering and reporting results of each assessment the state allows.

Sample State Assessment Policies:

It is important for states to have clear assessment policy accessible to all program managers and teachers and volunteers.  The links below will take you to sample state assessment policies (Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Massachusetts) that might be helpful in drafting or organizing your own policy.


Special Note to State Directors--Advice from the reviewers:

1.  DO NOT simply copy these samples.  They are intended to serve as guides to help you draft and/or revise your assessment policy. 

2.  Have a scheduled process to review and update your assessment policies annually with your staff and/or your advisory workgroup.

3.  Guidance from OVAE evolves as they continue to gather more current information about assessment options and usage.   ALWAYS have your OVAE area coordinator review your draft policies to ensure that you are using the latest information.



Please Note:  A group has reviewed the attached assessment samples and found one specific issue:

As of this date, certain tests mentioned in the samples have not been validated for accountability purposes and use as outcome measures on the NRS. These include, for example: the GED Practice Test (in PA) and the Combined English Language Skills Assessment (in WVA).


West Virginia


Maine’s General Testing Protocol 

Massachusetts Assessment Policy- TABE    BEST  

Note:  To repeat, ALWAYS have your OVAE area coordinator review your draft policies to ensure that you are using the latest information.

Student Follow-up Guidelines

NRS Follow-up Survey Guidelines - developed by American Institutes for Research


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