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Data Analysis and Reporting


NRS, State, and Local Performance Reports:


Arkansas Local Program Level "Report Card"

Based on data submitted to the Adult Education Section for the annual report to the National Reporting System for Adult Education.  These report cards display the individual program's enrollment trends and student populations. They also show how each program has performed on educational gains and employment goals.  The local program's gains and goals are compared to their negotiated core indicators, the state minimum benchmarks, and the state averages.  Report also includes strategic reflection questions related to data and program improvement.

Source:  Adult Education Section, Arkansas Department of Workforce Education


Use of Data for Program Management and Improvement:


NRS Data Use Guide - developed by American Institutes for Research


Using Data for Program Improvement - a 20-page document designed to help local programs use a variety of data sources to make program improvements

Source:  Adult and Community Learning Services, Massachusetts Department of Education


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