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English as a Second Language

Defining Pennsylvania’s ESL Training System:  Guiding Principles for Adult ESL Instruction, Indicators of Program Quality for Adult ESL Instruction, ESL Practitioner Competencies, Pennsylvania Training System Resources and Recommendations

Ohio's Eligibility Policy for Serving Limited English Proficient in ESOL FY2002 (August 12, 2002)

Nevada's Content Standards for Adult ESL Programs

The Nevada Content Standards, developed in partnership with the National CASAS Consortium Content Standards Technical Work Group, is the cornerstone of Adult Education in Nevada in delivering effective instruction by aligning instruction, instructional resources, and assessment.


Arizona's English Language Acquisition for Adults Content Standards

These Standards identify core elements of second (and other) language learning that are important, yet general enough to relate to adult education contexts throughout the state of Arizona. Listening and Speaking, Writing, and Reading are the primary indicators because they are the skills that permeate all language learning contexts. Language functions, such as giving/following directions reflect general purposes for language use. Crucial to the functions is supporting grammar and mechanics.








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