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Trainers' Catalog Reference Form

(to be completed by state director or state staff submitting a recommendation to the NAEPDC Trainers' Catalog)

Please note:  Recommended training providers must understand adult education and the need for customizing training to specific state or local needs.

Part I.  State Director/State Staff Information

1.  Name of State Director and/or state staff submitting recommendation

2.  Your telephone number

3.  Your email address

Part II.  Information on Recommended Trainer

4.  I would like to recommend the following trainer for inclusion in the NAEPDC Trainers' Catalog.

5.  Trainer's contact information:

     Telephone number

     Email address

     Mailing address

6.  Type of training that the individual provides (include brief description of the topic or nature of the training)

7.  Briefly describe how, when, and for whom the training was provided in your state.

8.  How did you evaluate the training?  What were the results?

9.  I have contacted the trainer, and he/she is aware that I am submitting his/her name to NAEPDC.YES


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