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Garland Hankins (870-264-3231)


Garland retired from the Department of Workforce Education after a career in vocational and adult education that begin in 1974.  Garland has served as state director of adult education for the past 14 years.  In this capacity, he was responsible for the distribution of $24 million in state and federal grants to local school  districts, community colleges, technical colleges, educational cooperatives, vocational secondary centers and community based organizations; coordination of the state staff, including the GED Testing Section; developing local program improvement plans; and a number of other managerial activities including resource planning, staff development, marketing, technology, and program evaluation.  He coordinated a unified state plan with Title I of the Workforce investment Act and has served on a number of statewide policy committees in the development of MOU's for local One‑Stop centers; cost allocation guidelines, One‑Stop certification policies and the statewide

Management Information System to serve all mandated WIA partners.  He also worked for nine years as a Contracts Administrator for Aerojet Ordnance and Manufacturing Company, a defense contractor in the manufacturer of small ordnance items to support the war effort.


Garland was instrumental in working with state and local agencies in the development of the Workforce Alliance for Growth in the Economy (WAGE) program.  WAGE is an alliance of state and local agencies, employers and adult educators designed to enhance the basic skills of underplayed and unemployed adults.  The program was honored by the National Alliance of Business as one of the most innovative workplace education programs in 1994.  Under Garland's leadership, Arkansas was one of the first states to develop workplace education programs on‑site for business and industry.   He served as a member of the Executive Committee of the NAEPDC Professional Development Committee for four years and has been active on a number of national committees, including the initial

advisory committee to develop the National Reporting System.


He also spearheaded the effort to create the Arkansas Adult Education Learning Resource Center (AALRC) to research adult education issues and to coordinate staff development activities for local adult education and literacy practitioners.  Funding for the resource center is over one million dollars and is staffed by seven professionals, including a Learning Disabilities Manager.  Training is provided each program year for teachers, tutors and administrators in a number of areas. 


Roberta Pawloski (   203-235-3668)

Roberta retired from the Connecticut Department of Education after a career in adult education that began in 1983 when she joined the Bureau of Adult Education.  Her responsibilities included management of state and federal adult education grants to local school districts, community colleges and community based organizations; development and review of proposals targeted for program improvement; implementation of the formal evaluation process for the funded adult education programs; facilitation of cooperative ventures with public and private organizations and adult education programs; provision of technical assistance to districts; development of legislative proposals for adult education; and preparation of annual state and federal reports.

She became Chief of the Bureau of Adult Education and Training in 1992.  During that time, the Bureau completed its implementation of the Connecticut Competency System (CCS), a competency based approach to adult education through instruction and assessment in either a life skills or employability skills approach.  This led to formal interagency agreements with the State Departments of Education, Labor and Social Services to utilize the CCS assessment for all adults and out of school youth served by the respective agencies.  This process helped to facilitate the coordination of services through the agencies and eliminated duplicate client assessments.

In 1998, she assumed responsibility for Vocational Education in addition to Adult Education in the newly designated Bureau of Career and Adult Education and managed the Carl D. Perkins Vocational and Technical Education grant and Connecticut’s School to Career grant.  Ms. Pawloski has served on a number of interagency committees in Connecticut related to workforce development, family literacy and welfare reform. 


Kathi Polis (  304-550-3447)

Kathi has over 30 years of experience in adult education as a former teacher, local program director, state staff, and state director in West Virginia from 1993-2003.  In April, 2003, she left that position to open her own consulting firm, Strategic Training and Resources, Inc.  She is currently working with a number of state and national organizations on a variety of adult education initiatives including marketing, professional development, leadership, managed enrollment, technology, resource development, training design, and classroom management. 

As the West Virginia state director, Kathi was instrumental in spearheading a comprehensive professional development system for the state’s 250+ teachers, several coordinated adult education efforts with other state agencies and stakeholders, and a statewide curriculum effort resulting in standardized competencies, performance descriptors, and benchmark tasks. 

As the former chair of the NAEPDC Professional Development Committee, Kathi co-authored two national publications, Going to Scale, a step-by-step guide on planning, developing, and implementing program improvement initiatives, and Coordinated Funding Streams, a guide and reference tool on securing and blending alternative funding for adult education efforts.

Ron Pugsley (   301-580-5504)

Ron Pugsley recently retired as the National Director of the Division of Adult Education and Literacy, Office of Vocational and Adult Education, US Department of Education.  For more than a decade, Ron provided leadership to adult education and literacy in this nation and became very familiar with the various options states used to plan, organize, deliver, manage, and evaluate adult education programs at the state level.  Because of his interest and involvement in international programming, he is familiar with options and strategies used in other countries around the world.  As a result, he is an excellent resource for state directors.

Sheila Rosenberg (   512-563-3748)

Dr. Rosenberg was the Texas State Director of Adult Education for three years. She began her career in adult education as an instructor and has over 35 years experience in adult education (ABE/ESL, family literacy, corrections) in all phases of programming at the local level. Dr. Rosenberg is a national consultant and trainer for adult education and literacy, performance accountability, and skills development.

She is an Adjunct Professor for Park University at its Center for Experiential Learning campus in Austin, Texas where she teaches non-traditional adults in Introduction to Sociology, Interpersonal Conflict Resolution, and Adult Development and Aging. She has also taught Organizational Career Development for the Educational Human Resources Development Department at Texas A&M University.

Dr. Rosenberg graduated from the University of Nebraska with a B.A. in Sociology, a Masters in Education, and a Ph.D. in Community and Human Resources with a specialty in Adult Education. She has also completed Covey training, Balanced Scorecard, and Total Quality Management training. Dr. Rosenberg has considerable experience and training in organizational development and change, group process/group dynamics, and human services management. She has multidimensional experience in business issues as it relates to training and retraining of the workforce. She was inducted into the International Who’s Who of Professionals in 2001.

Dr. Rosenberg is the author of numerous published articles on adult learning, human resource development, skills development, employment and training, and management in such journals as Human Resource Development Quarterly, Employment Relations Today, Adult Learning, Midlands Business Journal, and Management World.

Dr. Rosenberg has been appointed to serve on numerous national and state task forces for the field of Adult Education.

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