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We would like to invite you to join your colleagues at the Adult Education State Directors’ National Training Institute-2004.

Planning Agenda:  The planning agenda is at

Registration:  The online registration form can be completed and submitted at

Reimbursement:  The Consortium will reimburse room and board for one person (for up to three nights)  from each member state.  Others may attend at the state’s expense.

This Institute is designed by Adult Education State Directors for State Directors and their staff members.  The major themes of this year’s Institute include:

1.  Getting Started with the State Pre-Planning Process

  • Before the federal legislation changes, while your head is still clear, now is the time to lay out your strategies and plans for
    • assessing your state’s learner and program needs,
    • organizing and presenting that data,
    • enticing and engaging partners to contribute to the planning process,
    • plotting multi-year program improvement initiatives based on your priority needs, and
    • setting benchmarks to monitor progress.
  • Experienced colleagues will share their resources.
  • Work sessions will help you evaluate those options and create your own sequence of events.

2.  Performance Standards:

  • You will learn about and receive copies of successful strategies for meeting two challenging performance standards.  In addition, each session will provide you time and assistance to develop options to integrate the strategies that fit your state.
  • The two performance standards you can choose from are:
    • Transition to post-secondary education, OR
    • GED completion

3.  Policy and Programming Strategies:

  • You will learn about and received copies of successful strategies for critically underdeveloped programming areas.  These sessions will also provide you time and assistance to consider the strategies and develop alternatives for your own initiatives.
  • Your choices include:
    • Financial literacy—integrating strategies into your instructional program enabling your students to manage their family’s funds
    • Health literacy—integrating strategies into your instructional program enabling your students to ensure their family’s wellness
    • Learning disabilities—to follow up on the OVAE training in 2003, assistance in overcoming barriers to LD policies and programming
    • Distance Professional Development—existing CD, video, and online PD resources that you can adapt for your practitioners.

4.  The National Assessment of Adult Literacy (NAAL)

  • In the summer of 2005, the NAAL 2000 results will be released.  State Directors need to be ready to respond to inquiries from policy makers and the press regarding the interpretation and implications of those findings.  This session will prepare you for that potentially high visibility opportunity.

We look forward to seeing you in the heart of the French Quarter of historic New Orleans!


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