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Don't forget to nominate your state's adult education website for a Website Excellence Award to be announced at the National Training Institute in Denver in November.  DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION IS OCTOBER 10, 2005


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 Gold Star                  91 – 100%

Silver Star                80 – 90%

Bronze Star             70 – 89%



Layout and Design (25 points)

  • Site is visually appealing with good use of color harmonies.

  • Graphics are consistent and have a purpose.

  • Text is easy to read with fonts that are consistent throughout.

  • Backgrounds, if applicable, do not interfere with the readability of your text.

  • Overall website design is consistent throughout.

  • White space is used appropriately.

  • Website is easy to use and includes aids and tools (e.g., navigation instructions, site map, FAQ’s, plug-in downloads, and help resources).


Functionality (25 points)

   to see how fast it will load with slower connections.)

  • Every page links back to your home page or to a table of contents page so that your visitors do not get lost within your site.

  • All pages have a navigation system that allows visitors to return to any page within the site (with minimal “clicks”).

  • A search engine and/or site map with text links is provided

  • Pages with longer text have links that bring your visitor back to the top of the page.

  • The website has begun to address access issues related to Priority 1 of the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. (Your homepage will be checked through  Accessibility errors measured by the automatic checkpoints for Priority 1 only should reveal no errors.)


Content (50 points)

  • Content is useful, up-to-date, and appropriate for the intended users.

  • Content is organized into categories that are easily recognized by the user (e.g., professional development, state policies, curriculum and instruction).

  • Content includes state policies and guidance appropriate to the use of local grantees.

  • Content includes a variety of resources and helpful information (e.g., sample lesson plans, teacher and/or local director handbooks, forms, training calendars) that are appropriate for teachers, local administrators, and other interested stakeholders.

  • Content includes links to additional resources outside of the state agency.

  • Content is free of grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. errors.

  • Site includes easily accessible contact information (e.g., names, phone numbers, addresses, and/or email addresses) of appropriate state staff members if users have questions.

Website includes a “recommendation” function to allow direct input from users.





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