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As approved by the membership at our annual meeting in November, the Consortium, under the leadership of Kathi Polis, Chair of the marketing committee, has approved a contract with the firm of Widmeyer-Baker to develop a kit of materials that may be used by states to focus attention on the need for adult education services. Widmeyer-Baker was most recently responsible for the development of the NIFL campaign, "Literacy: It’s a Whole New World."

The committee, which is also comprised of Randy Whitfield, Fran Tracy-Mumford, Garrett Murphy and Judy Koloski, had recommended that the NIFL campaign be used as a backdrop for development of our own, more specific materials. The materials will be designed so that states can utilize individual state information into each of the information templates. As currently envisioned, the kit would include:

1. Cover letter - Introduction to the kit

2.  Camera-ready logo and slogan derived from the NIFL
     campaign and produced in several sizes to fit a local        program stationery  

3. Poster

4. Fact sheet template

  • Description of current need for literacy services in state/congressional district
  • Description of current delivery system in state/congressional district compared to system after passage of recent legislation, including tangible outcomes/results related to increased funding in state/congressional district
  • What congressperson/senator can do to support funding.

5.  Sample letter to congressperson/senator

6.  Sample speech to generate support amongst other
     interest and community groups

7. Media materials

  • Guide to successful media outreach
  • "H2O" (fill-in-the-blank) press release and news advisory
  • Sample opinion-editorial essay
  • One success story of an adult who has benefited from programs funded by adult education initiatives, plus template to create local success story

8. Floppy disk containing all documents

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