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October, 2001

Visually Impaired Trainers, 10/11/01
International Papers on ABE and Technology from Janet Smith, 10/19/01
Workers Certification, 10/30/01

In Search of an Elite 
Group of 100 Trainers 
October 11, 2001

Do you have teachers who work with visually impaired adult learners? Do they have presentation experience? 

The American Foundation for the Blind is looking for an Elite Group of 100 trainers who will potentially change the way literacy instruction is delivered to adults who are visually impaired and have low literacy skills. 

Rehabilitation professionals and adult basic education professionals with previous experience presenting at conferences and/or providing in-service training on topics related to adult literacy should apply.  All applicants must be prepared to have their names posted on national web sites and to be recommended by peers and supervisors to do future training. 

Please forward this message and the attached invitation from the American Foundation for the Blind "Bridging the Gap" Literacy Project to folks in your state who might be interested in becoming a trainer.  

Keep up the good work.  Let me know when we can help.

International Papers on ABE and 
Technology from Janet Smith (NCAL)
October 19, 2001

From Janet Smith at NCAL:  "Several papers presented at the Experts Roundtable: University and Technology-for-Literacy/Basic Education Partnership in Developing Countries (UTLP), OECD/CERI, Paris, Sept. 10-12, 2001 are now available online from the International Literacy Institute, University of Pennsylvania/Graduate School of Education. Titles and authors include the following:

"Universities, Adult Basic Education, Open and Lifelong Learning and New Technology: Resources for Change in Developing Countries? Some thoughts from Namibia" by Tony Dodds  

"Experts Roundtable: University and Technology-for-Literacy/Basic Education Partnership in Developing Countries (UTLP): Roundtable Overview" by Mohamed Maamouri and Dan Wagner  

"New Functions of Higher Education and ICT to Achieve Education for All" by Bikas C. Sanyal  

"Technologies, Education, Development and Costs: A Third Look at the Educational Crisis" by Hilary Perraton  

Please direct all questions to Janet Smith, National Center on Adult Literacy, University of Pennsylvania at"

You may want to forward these to your adult education technology/distance learning leadership in your state. 

Work-Based Skills Certification
October 30, 2001

We have often talked about the desirability of work-based skills certificates that document and benchmark workers' knowledge, skills, and ability.

Do you have such certification?  The American Institute for Research has a DAEL contract to determine the extent to which such certification systems are either in place or being planned.

The attached survey (maximum 10 questions) provides the baseline information.  Even if you have no plan for such a system, please complete the first 4 or 5 questions so they will have a gauge of the field.

Thank you.  Return the survey directly to Julia MacMillan at the address at the end of page two.  To receive a copy of the survey email

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