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News, Views, and Clues

April, 2003

small line HELP—Faith Based Documentation, April 1, 2003

News, Views, and Clues

April 1, 2003

HELP—Faith Based Documentation

I need your help, please!!!


Assumption #1:  DIRECT‑‑Community Based and Faith Based Organizations have direct and equitable access to your states federal funds, and those who wish to apply do so.

Assumption #2:  INDIRECT‑‑Because some CBOs and FBOs do not wish to apply directly for funds, they link with the lead local agency and receive funding and/or support services INDIRECTLY through a cooperative arrangement.

Because of the President's initiative to involve FBOs in delivering program services, adult education needs to be able to point to cooperative models as evidence that we have both DIRECT and INDIRECT access to program funds.

The documentation for DIRECT is forthcoming.


We need documentation of the INDIRECT‑‑Assumption #2. 

QUESTION # 1.  Does your state have examples/models of FBOs receiving INDIRECT Federal adult education funding and/or support services? 

QUESTION #2.  Are you willing to send me a paragraph regarding a) how that involvement works AND/OR b) how pervasive that involvement is across the state? 

QUESTION #3.  If there were to be a session in Portland related to FBOs involvement in adult education and literacy services, would you be willing to talk a few minutes about how the FBOs are involved in your state? 

PLEASE help with this request if you can.  I am working with the federal office on this session to highlight the positive relationships that already exist.

 Keep up the good work.  Let me know when we can help.




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