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June 20, 2002 

Mark Your Calendars—Give Your Advice

NAEPDC 2002 National Training Institute

November 6-9, 2002

San Francisco, CA 

The Professional Development Committee, Linda Warner (IN), Chair, is designing the 2002 National Training Institute in two parts. To ensure that the institute serves your needs, we would like your input.  Please complete and submit this survey by July 3, 2002.

PART I.  Because of the federal focus on evidenced based services and our interest in quality services, Part I will include a variety of resources that will help you (1) find and understand applications and implications of recent research findings, and (2) design a going to scale process for integrating those findings into your current systems with maximum efficiency and minimum disruption. 

QUESTION 1.  Have you integrated or are you in the process of integrating research findings into your adult education program?  If so, tell us about the topic or finding you are integrating, your stage of integration, and your experiences you would like to share with others.  Your experience can inform the development of the Institute. 

Topic 1.


Topic 2.


 PART II.  There are a number of issues, topics, or questions about which you and your colleagues need additional information.  Therefore, PART II of the institute will provide you with those resources.


QUESTION 2.  What issues or questions have you had in the past year for which you would like options, models, or alternatives presented during the institute?  What do you need to know more about?  List any and all topics, issues, or questions.








GOING TO SCALE Training:  The Going to Scale training and resource booklet have helped states organize and complete system improvements.  However, some new state directors missed the original training in 2000, or you may want members of your staff to be acquainted with this resource.


QUESTION 3.  Would you be interested in participating in a three hour briefing on the “Going to Scale” process and materials on Wednesday afternoon, November 6 from 1-4 pm prior to the beginning of the Institute?


_____ Yes     ______ No


QUESTION 4.  Are you interested in helping design our professional development activities?  If so, email Linda Warner (IN) and volunteer to join the Professional Development Committee now comprised of Patricia Bennett (MD), Mary Ann Jackson (WI), Naomi Scales (AL), and Sharlene Walker (OR).  If you have suggestions regarding this fall’s Institute, feel free to contact Linda or any of the Workgroup members.  To complete the survey electronically go to:

Please return by July 3, 2002

 Keep up the good work.  Let me know when we can help.


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