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Drop in State Revenue, February 1, 2002
Level Funded Programs, February 6, 2002
State Canvass For the US Senate, February 25, 2002

News, Views, and Clues

February 1, 2002

Drop in State Revenue

We have heard a lot about the economic turnaround and the drop in state revenue.  Jon Weintraub sent these two reports that give you some of the details.  Sit down.  It is not a pretty picture.


News, Views, and Clues

February 6, 2002


            In the Administrations proposed budget for 2003, adult education state grants are level funded at $575 million with $70 million set aside for English language/Civics.  NIFL is level funded at $6.6 million (actually a $57,000 increase), and National Leadership monies for OVAE are level funded at $9.5 million. 

            21st Century Community Learning Centers is also level funded at $1 billion.  The narrative does not use the language in the law about adult education, i.e., “literacy and related educational development.”   The narrative only mentions “related services to their families.” 


            There are programs that have been cut that have implications for adult education.  State Grants for Incarcerated Youth Offenders - funded in the current year at $17 million - is zero funded.  The same is true for Literacy Programs for Prisoners – funded this year at $5 million.  The rationale for these both of these cuts, which appears in the narrative accompanying the figures, reads, “The request does not include separate funding for this program because the Adult Education State Grants program provides a set-aside of up to 8.25 percent for education of prisoners and other institutionalized needs of incarcerated individuals.  Correctional education agencies may apply directly to their States for grants to meet the literacy needs of incarcerated individuals.” 

            Two other programs that have provided resources to adult education are also on the chopping block.  The first is Star Schools, cut from $54 million in 2001 to $27 million in 2002 and zero funded in the proposed budget for 2003.  The second is Community Technology Centers.  It has gone from $65 million in 2001 to $32.5 million in 2002 and is also projected for zero funding in 2003. 

The Education Budget proposals can be found at

 Thanks to Garrett for preparing this report.

 Keep up the good work.  Let me know when we can help.

State Canvass
For the US Senate

Reduction in Adult Education State Funds due to economic downturn.

_________________ State


____ No, we have not had a reduction in Adult Education 2001-2002 State Funds.

____ Yes, we had a reduction in Adult Education 2001-2002 State Funds.

If Yes, enter the answers to these three questions in the table below:

  1. If you have had a reduction in state funds, by what percentage were your state funds reduced?
  2. What is the dollar amount of that reduction?
  3. This reduction has reduced your total funds available (federal and state) by what percentage?

Reduction in 2001-2002 Adult Education State Funds:

1.  Percentage (%) reduction in state funds

2.  Dollar ($) amount of that reduction

3.  This reduction represents what percentage (%) reduction of your total adult education budget (federal and state)





If YES, where have you cut?

___ funds to local programs

___ state administration

___ support services

___ professional development

___ Other (specify)

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