Evaluation Form  
Adult Education State Directors' National Training Institute  
February 12-13, 2002
Ritz-Carlton, Washington, DC


1.  How well were the sessions organized to ensure your participation? 
2.  How useful was the information?

Your Rating:  1=Low 5=High 



How well organized?


How useful? 


Wednesday Morning-Coordinated Funding Streams (CFS)


  • To identify states' strengths, experience, and challenges with Coordinated Funding activities



  • To identify gaps in the "CFS" draft booklet



  • To familiarize you with the TASKS enabling you to use the process at home



Wednesday Lunch



Wednesday Afternoon Session--CFS Session



  • To provide you the opportunity to talk in-depth with a colleague who has been successful with CFS (circle one:  Marion, Bob, Robin)



Wednesday Afternoon Session--Preparing for Reauthorization of WIA--Creating a Common Vision.



  • To establish priorities for the upcoming reauthorization process



  • To establish a common vision for adult education in the future



 With 1 as LOW and 5 as HIGH, how would you rate:

the Ritz as a meeting facility
the information (registration, readings, travel info) you received prior to
the institute
the evening activities 

COMMENTS:  Suggestions, things to keep next year, things to avoid next year, other ideas