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Early Head Start

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Early Head Start

March 29, 2006

Your family literacy leadership and program managers may be interested in the attached Early Head Start Policy Brief from the Center for Law and Social Policy (CLASP) entitled From the Beginning: Early Head Start Children, Families, Staff, and Programs in 2004 by Katie Hamm and Danielle Ewen. You can also find the brief at

Here is their summary:

This policy brief “profiles the Early Head Start program-which serves low-income children under age 3, pregnant women, and their families with comprehensive early education and support services-using the latest data from the Program Information Reports that all Head Start grantees must submit to the U.S. Department of Health. Major changes in 2004 included more children with access to a continuous source of dental care and fewer families receiving TANF benefits. The proportion of home visitors and teachers with degrees also increased, although teacher salaries remained stagnant. (Head Start Policy Brief No. 7.)”

Sample analysis:
• 66% of Early Head Start families had at least one employed parent
• 27% had at least one parent in school or job training
• 37%t of parents had not graduated from high school
• 40% of parents had a high school diploma or equivalent.
• 81% of Early Head Start Children receive medical screening
• 55% of families receive health education
• 58% of families receive parenting education


WIA Incentive Money-Colleague Assistance

March 29, 2006


Your colleagues in Washington State need your help. They are looking for ideas on how other states used their WIA incentive money.

If you received WIA incentive money in the past, can you email a brief description of how you used those funds to Kathy Cooper on Israel’s staff?

Please send your response to Kathy Cooper at

Thank you. I will ask Kathy to compile the responses she receives and I will send you a compilation of those ideas.



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