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April, 2004

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Dinner Invitation, April 5, 2004

April 5, 2002

Working Dinner and Discussion on:
"Expanding State Initiatives Using Technology: Policy, Research, and Models for Implementation"
Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Columbus Hyatt Hotel 

In this OVAE funded TECH.21 project, the National Center on Adult Literacy (NCAL) and NAEPDC are committed to help states expand and enhance the use of technology in adult education instruction and staff development.  To that end, we invite you or your designee to dinner and discussions to update you on the latest technology information and consider participating with other states in a collaborative system building project.  

Event Location: Hyatt Hotel, Columbus, OH (the COABE conference hotel)
Date & Time: 5:30 8:45 on Wednesday, April 21st
5:30 doors open, reception with refreshments
6:00 program begins, with roundtable technology updates
7:15 dinner with panel of state directors/opportunities for discussion
7:45 dessert with opportunities to participate further
8:45 Close 

Go to ( ) to register for dinner and identify your three update topic preferences.  

Please send in your reservation by Monday, April 12, 2004. 

NOTE:  Several of you have asked about bringing staff members with you to this event.  We have space for 50 participants so go ahead and have them send in a reservation and we will let them know on April 13 if there is space available.

Keep up the good work.  Let me know when we can help.

Contact us: Dr. Lennox McLendon, Executive Director; 444 North Capitol Street, NW; Suite 422; Washington, DC 20001
Phone: 202-624-5250; Fax: 202-624-1497; Email:

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