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January, 2005

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Consortium "Survey" Service, January 14, 2005
small line  E-Rate Funding Deadline, January 12, 2005
small line  Support for Adult Learners, January 12, 2005
small line Delaware Job Opening, January 10, 2005
small line Position in Maryland State Office, January 6, 2005
small line House Releases New WIA Bill, January 5, 2005

Consortium “Survey” Service
January 14, 2005

During the National Training Institute in New Orleans, you may recall that we demonstrated how some of your colleagues were using online surveys in gathering input from the field and stakeholders in their state planning processes.

As we noted in New Orleans, for simple surveys, you can use the same free version at

However, NAEPDC is pleased to announce that we have purchased a subscription to the enhanced version of  If you plan on asking open ended questions that will involve a substantial response (more than 150 characters), you may need the enhanced version.

As a service to our member states, NAEPDC invites you to use our subscription thereby saving you the $250 annual subscription price.  If you are interested, contact Brenda James ( for the username and password.  If you need any help as you develop your online surveys, feel free to call Brenda for technical assistance.

E-Rate Funding Deadline
January 13, 2005


Schools and libraries have until 11:59 p.m. ET on February 17 to apply for FY 2005 E-Rate funding, which runs from July 1, 2005, to June 30, 2006.  Applicants qualify for discounts of 20 percent to 90 percent of the cost of eligible products (Internet access, internal connections, and telecommunications services), depending on the number of students they serve who are eligible for free or reduced-price lunches and whether they are considered urban or rural. 


This announcement came from Fritz Edelstein at the US Mayors Association.

Support for Adult Learners
January 12, 2005 

VALUE, the national adult learner organization, is sponsoring the Fourth Adult Leadership Institute in Washington in March.  If possible, please help support your adult learner representative’s participation. 

The Institute’s format is to provide adult learners with vital information and skills needed to enhance their own programs effectively and efficiently. For this year’s format, we’ve decided to blend leadership development with civics education for the Leadership Institute. We believe it’s important to get a better understanding of how the Federal Government works on handling the issues of adult education. 

Attached is a note from Barry Shaffer (MN) explaining how the Minnesota Adult Education office is supporting adult learner organizations and their participation in the Leadership Institute. 

Also attached is the VALUE announcement that gives the details. 

In the past, these Institutes have been an exciting learning experience for the participating adult learners.  They have also been a learning experience for members of Congress and their staff members as they meet and talk with adult learners from their home districts. 

Thank you for whatever support you can provide.

Keep up the good work.  Let me know when we can help.

Delaware Job Opening
January 10, 2005

Delaware Dept. of Education

Education Associate, Adult and Prison Education

Starting Date of Employment:

On or about March 1, 2005

Closing Date for Application:

January 21, 2005

Description of Position: The Education Associate, Adult and Prison Education is a member of the Adult Education Work Group in the Adult Education and Workforce Development Branch. The Education Associate, Adult and Prison Education will be under the direct supervision of the Director for Adult Education.

Major Responsibilities:

*   Responsible for providing technical assistance to adult education (i.e., basic skills, GED, vocational, special education, Groves High School) programs to create and maintain an integrated quality, educational delivery system, especially to instructional programs in correctional institutions.

*   Assist with data analysis from federal and state reports for continuous improvement.

*   Assist with the implementation of federal and state policies and procedures at the local program and institutional levels. Programs include but are not limited to WIA – Title II, Perkins/Vocational, and IDEA.

*   Work cooperatively with Department of Education educational staff in correctional institutions to implement adult education and special education programs.

*   Chair monitoring and evaluation teams.

*   Write grants for special projects in adult education and special education in correctional institutions.

*   Monitor the implementation of special education programs in the correctional institutions.

*   Identify staff needs and work in partnership with the ACE Network to provide professional development opportunities to educators of adult education and special education in correctional institutions.

*   Assist with the coordination of Even Start Family Literacy programs.

*   Assist with the implementation of English Literacy/Civics programs.

*   Prepare resource documents and annual reports for a comprehensive adult education program.

*   Perform other duties as assigned.

Qualifications for Employment: Minimum qualifications include a Master’s Degree in education, adult education, special education, correctional education, curriculum development or a related education field. Strong communication and direct experience in adult education and special education are preferred. The candidate must demonstrate in the interview process an understanding of educational equity and multicultural education. The successful candidate must meet Delaware’s PRAXIS I test of basic skills in reading, writing and mathematics requirements. A criminal background check is required.

Salary: Salary will be computed in accordance with the educational level and work experience of the individual selected and in accordance with the salary schedules for employees of the Department of Education. Direct deposit of payroll checks is a condition for state employment, and employees are paid on a lag pay schedule with the first payment made after approximately one month of employment.  

APPLY TO:              William Bowles,
                            P.O. Box 1402, Townsend Building,
                            Dover, DE 19903

Applications available online at: 
Keep up the good work.  Let me know when we can help.

 Position in Maryland State Office
January 6, 2005

Attached is a position announcement for the Maryland State Adult Education Office.  This position performs as the deputy for Patricia Bennett, the State Director of Adult Education.   

Please forward to all colleagues who you think might be interested and who meet the job requirements. 

Keep up the good work.  Let me know when we can help.


House Releases New WIA Bill
January 5, 2005

Today the House released its new WIA bill for consideration by the 109th Congress.  Attached are WORD and Adobe versions of the bill.  Title II, the Adult Ed bill begins on page 134 of each. 

In the next few days you should receive a Washington Views electronic newsletter from the Council with an analysis of the bill. 

Keep up the good work.  Let me know when we can help.




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