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April, 2005

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Building State Staff Resources, April 22, 2005
small line New NCSALL Website, April 11, 2005
small line Professional Development Resources, April 6, 2005


Building State Staff Resources
April 22, 2005

NAEPDC’s State Staff Workgroup is getting ready to improve and expand our web-based resource library, and we need your help!   

We are looking for state staff who have expertise in:

(1) state-level policies and procedures related to specific content areas and/or

(2) improving the functionality and navigation of websites. 

 We are asking for a one-year commitment that will include:

(1) participating in quarterly conference calls;

(2) identifying, recommending, and reviewing additions to the resource library; and

(3) recommending ways to make the resource library more user-friendly. 

Please share this information with your staff members and encourage them to submit the attached response form to participate.  The upcoming conference calls of the State Staff Workgroup are scheduled for May 19, August 11, and November 17 from 1:30 – 3:30 EST. 

The Resource Library can be found at the following URL:

This workgroup is an excellent opportunity for state staff members to network with colleagues from other states as well as make a contribution to our work.

Keep up the good work.  Let me know when we can help.


New NCSALL Website
April 11, 2005 

One of the best adult education resources is the National Center for the Study of Adult Learning and Literacy (NCSALL).  Their research-based publications include their instructionally oriented quarterly Focus on Basics, their policy quarterly Focus on Policy, Study Circle Guides on a number of topics for professional development and program improvement, as well as, any number of research reports. 

Below NCSALL announces their new web site. 

“Dear Friends and Colleagues:

NCSALL's Web site has moved!  We can now be found at:

Please update your bookmarks!

In addition to a new address, NCSALL's site features a new design, with a spiffed up look and more effective navigational tools.  It should now be easier than ever to find the NCSALL resource you need!

Please forward this to anyone you know who uses (or may want to use) NCSALL resources!  As before, the vast majority of NCSALL resources can be downloaded for free from our new site.

We'd also welcome any comments or questions about the new site. Please send them to:

Keep up the good work.  Let me know when we can help.


Professional Development Policy Resource
April 6, 2005 

In your new state plan, what policies will you put into place that encourage and enable teachers to participate in professional development and improve their practice? 

Our colleagues, the Association of Adult Literacy Professional Developers (AALPD), will be leading discussions to review the research and offer options. 

  • A little over a year ago, NCSALL published their research findings on professional development in two reports (see references below).
  • This week and next (April 5 – 18th) AALPD will be using the NIFL-AALPD discussion list to explore how these research findings and implications could translate into policy.  
  • During the AALPD Pre-Conference at COABE, participants will synthesize these discussions and produce policy options for state directors and other policy makers.

These policy options will be very helpful to you in developing your own state policies to support teacher development.  To ensure that these policies represent the voice of the field, particularly your instructors’ and your state’s needs: 

Please encourage your professional development staff and contractors, program directors, and instructors to participate in this discussion on the NIFL-AALPD discussion list. 

To subscribe, visit:

You and your staff members are welcome to subscribe to participate and/or to stay abreast of the conversations.  Or, you can visit the archives (updated weekly) at your leisure.


To view the archives, visit: 

We will send you a copy of their final product as soon as it is available. 

NCSALL Research Briefs from the Professional Development Study:

 The Characteristics and Concerns of Adult Basic Education Teachers


How Teachers Change: A Study of Professional Development in Adult Education


To obtain the full reports, visit: and click on “Publications.”


To learn more about AALPD: 


Contact us: Dr. Lennox McLendon, Executive Director; 444 North Capitol Street, NW; Suite 422; Washington, DC 20001
Phone: 202-624-5250; Fax: 202-624-1497; Email:

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