TECH 21                                   May 28, 2004


Please respond by the June 4 deadline.


Application to Participate in TECH21’s Project STAIT


State:  ________________________________                           Date:  _______________


State Director Name:  ___________________________________________


Staff Member to take the lead (if other than the State Director):  ________________________









This application signals your agreement to the following:


  1. NCAL and NAEPDC will provide technical assistance (funded by TECH21) to the state to 1) design, conduct and analyze a technology audit, and 2) develop a plan for the state’s technology activities. Expenses for activities within each state are the responsibility of the participating state.


  1. Establish a workgroup of staff and/or practitioners to help guide your participation in STAIT and have earmarked funds to support the work of the workgroup.


  1. Conduct a technology audit the summer of 2004.


  1. Use the results to develop a state technology expansion plan that might focus on learner instruction and/or professional development.


  1. Earmark funds to support a pilot testing process during 2004-2005.


  1. Plan for full implementation after successful pilot testing.


  1. Participate (as State Director or my representative) in a meeting in the D.C. area in mid-September (at TECH21 expense, if available), or electronic meeting to develop the technology plan and prepare for pilot activity.


  1. Share information with participating states on progress and challenges.


Narrative:  Add a one paragraph narrative describing what you hope to accomplish by participating in this collaborative and how it will benefit adult education in the state.