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NAEPDC Policy Committee

Anne Serino-MA
Bob Purga-NY
Brad Deeds-NV
Jon Kerr-WA
David Stout-SC
Diane Duthie-MI
Frances Bannowsky-NM
Karen Liersch-AZ
Margaret Bowles-MT
Margaret Kirkpatrick-CO
Randy Whitfield-NC
Reecie Stagnolia-KY
Susan Fish-KS
Art Ellison-NH


NAEPDC Professional Development Committee

Randy Whitfield (NC), Chair
Cindy Zengler (OH)
David Stout (SC)
Debra Varner (WV)
Jacqueline Korengel (KY)
Jay Brooks (IL)
Joanie Rethlake (TX)
Margaret Kirkpatrick (CO)
Marsha Taylor (AR)
Reecie Stagnolia (KY)
Sandy Crist (MS)

NAEPDC State Staff Workgroup

Jay Brooks (IL) and David Walters (KY) CoChairs

Marcia Hess (WY)
Mary Agnes Murphy (MA)
Ruth Derfler (MA)
Ron Russell (AL)
Val Fischer (ND)
Marilyn Shaw (GA)
Susan Pierson (CT)
Maureen Wagner (CT)
Cindy Zengler (OH)
Ken Zutter (NV)
Mike King (SC)
Astrid Linden (MN)
Brad Hasskamp (MN)
Deborah Miyao (HI)
Phyllis Hinton (IA)
Patty Higgins (MI)
Debbie Fawcett (CO)

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