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The Super Duper
Adult Education Program Planning Functions


A Local Adult Education Staff
Program Self-Assessment Matrix

 Developed by
Dr. Lennox L. McLendon
Ms.  Kathi Polis


What parts of your program need attention?

1.  Have each staff member rate each of your program planning functions.

2.  Compare your ratings.

3.  Determine where there is agreement and where you need to start.

4.  Once you have identified your starting point, go to NAEPDC’s ( Going to Scale guide for planning, implementing and evaluating a program improvement process.


Program Planning Process








Student Recruitment






Knowing your target population






Effective recruitment strategies


















Student Orientation and Intake






Managed intake (scheduled individual or group sessions) versus open entry






Welcome and introductory activity






Testimonials by current students






Program orientation






Student rights and responsibilities






Preliminary goal-setting activities






Discussion of assessment process, learning styles, and individualized learning plans






Barrier identification and resolution (e.g., transportation, child care)






Discussion of student follow-up and confidentiality issues






























Initial academic placement and diagnosis to guide instruction and determine NRS levels (standardized testing)






Matching assessment with learner needs






Realistic goal setting with interim benchmarks






Life skills/career inventories






Learning styles inventories






Identification of special learning needs






Measurement of student progress






Exit assessment


















Planning and Instruction






Development of mutually-developed individualized learning plans






Lesson planning to guide instruction






Classroom management (e.g., open entry versus managed entry, multi-level versus uni-level, time management)






Use of varied instructional strategies






Use of relevant, real-life instructional resources






Integration of technology






Accommodations for special learning needs


















Student Retention






Establishing a social support network within the classroom






Student mentors and/or student retention teams






Motivational speakers






Class projects






Student newsletters






Student recognitions






Regular review of interim goal-related benchmarks






Ongoing assistance with barrier resolution


















Student Outcomes and Evaluation






Exit assessment to determine student mastery and exit NRS level






Documentation, reporting, and data collection






Student follow-up (completers and non-completers)






Review and use of data for program improvement


















Professional Development






Pre-service training for new instructors






In-service training on accountability, reporting, and other system-wide requirements and procedures






Responsive training to reflect individual teachers’ needs and interests






Development of individual professional development plans


















Program Evaluation






Program self assessment






Yearly evaluative staff meeting






Ability to meet NRS performance standards


















Financial Management






Efficient oversight and use of funds for approved expenditures






Leveraging of additional funds from other sources (e.g., grants, partnering agencies, business)


















Program Management






Scheduling and location of classes to match student needs






Hiring and retaining qualified staff






Clearly articulated job descriptions






Structure in place to encourage and support staff involvement in the decision making process






Maintaining a positive physical and psychological environment for learning



















































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