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Adult Education State Directors’
National Training Institute

Planning Agenda—September 14, 2004

Day and Time



Wednesday, November 3

6:30 PM

Reception and Dinner

Bob Bickerton




Thursday, November 4

7:00AM-8:00 AM



8:00 AM-8:30AM

The Morning News

Steve Coffman and Debi Faucette

8:30 AM-11:30AM

State Pre-Planning Options and Strategies
1) state-wide needs assessment strategies including

a) specific data sources,
b) options for presenting the data,

engaging other agencies and stakeholders in analyzing needs and framing your plan without relinquishing control,

2) identifying program developing priorities and resulting multi-year initiatives to develop, implement, and evaluate options to address those priorities, and




11:30AM-12:30 Noon




State Pre-Planning Options and Strategies

3) guidance for local programs to conduct assessments, engage partners, and develop program improvement plans, and

4) timetables with benchmarks for the plan development process. 


6:30 PM

Evening Event

Jackson “Restaurant”




Friday, November 5





The Morning News

Steve Coffman and Debi Faucette

8:30AM-12:00 Noon

(choose one)

Financial Literacy Policy and Programming:  Policy and strategy options for addressing the financial literacy needs of your students

Jodi Owens

Health Literacy Policy and Programming:  Policy and strategy options for addressing the health literacy needs of your students


12:00PM -1:00PM

Lunch—Meeting the GED Performance Standards


(Handout of strategies)






Meeting Performance Standards:  Policy and strategy options for helping learners transition to postsecondary

Silja  Kallenbach

Cynthia Zafft

National ABE to College Transition Network

ESL Round Tables:  1.  pre-literacy, 2.  multi-cultural classrooms, 3.  transition to ABE, Career, TOFEL, etc.



Dinner in the Quarter on your own


Saturday, November 6





Council and Consortium Business Meeting

Bob Bickerton


The National Assessment of Adult Literacy:  Implications for State Directors

Mark Kutner



Professional Development Distance Resources:  Existing Resources that can be adapted for your state.

Kathi Polis


11:00 AM

Closing Session

Bob Bickerton

Guidance for Presenters:

The variations in state resources and delivery systems requires that
each session include

Ř      guiding principles related to the topic,

Ř      models and handouts that serve as references, and

Ř      time (at least 30 minutes) at the end of each session for the state
directors and staff to consider

o       How congruent are these principles with what we are doing
now in the state?

o       How complex an operation will it take to integrate them into our current system?

o       What kind of workgroup or taskforce would I need to
set up to plan pilot testing and integrating them into our system?

o       What are the driving forces that would support such an

o       What are the restraining forces that would hinder such
an initiative?

o       How do I reinforce the driving forces?

o       How do I overcome the restraining forces?

o       Where would I pilot test it?

o       What resources would I need to support pilot testing?

o       What resources would I need to Go to Scale

§         Professional development?

§         Materials?

§         Evaluation and documenting that it worked?

o       Do I want to do this?


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